Irena Brežná — Bratislava, Basel, Brežná
– Slovakia

Born in Bratislava in 1950, Irena Brežná left for Switzerland in 1968 and has lived there since. She later studied Slavic studies, philosophy and psychology 210 211 at the University of Basel. She is a journalist and an author of prose touching upon women’s and human rights topics. Her books include e.g. Die Wölfinnen von Sernowodsk (The She-Wolves of Sernovodsk, 1997) and Die Beste aller Welten (The Best of All Worlds, 2008), a Slovak essay collection Postrehy emigrantky (An Emigrant’s Observations, 2018), Die undankbare Fremde (The Ungrateful Foreigners, 2012), Liquid Fetish (2005) and Die Schuppenhaut (Psoriasis, 1989). She won multiple awards such as Emma-Journalistinnen-Preis (1992), Zurich Journalist Award (2000), Theodor Wolff Award (2002), Schweizer Literaturpreise (2013) and Dominik Tatarka Award (2015).