Filip Klega, Eva Marie Růžena, Martin Dytko, Tomáš Štiler: The Four World Sides of Lyricism
 – Czechia

More vibrant than a noon at Time Square. Lemmy Kilmister of Czech poetry (Klega, 1992), a Catholic poetess (Růžena, 1997), a spiritual synesthete (Dytko, 1989) and a pensive Baron Munchausen (Štiler, 1990). Generation Y occupies the poet's pond. Some drink their way to the bottom of the lake to meet the Loch Ness monster and collect prestigious awards, while others gaze at the sky from the beach. The time is now. Most likely, we will come across a performance, music, beer, irony, love, a bit of existence, a bit of shyness and poetry. Another quartet of debutants of the Mlat edition takes the stage.