Denisa Fulmeková: Her Limits
 – Slovakia

Born in 1967, she studied journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She worked as an editor in Literárny týždenník, Telegraf a Štýl, and as the editor-in-chief of the esoteric magazine Orientácia. She also collaborated with the monthly magazine Miau. She made her debut under the pseudonym Mina Murrayová with a collection of short stories Tak čo teda? (So What Then?, Petrus 2001), followed by the poetry collection Som takmer preč (I'm Almost Gone, Petrus 2004) and the prose Klebetromán (Kalligram 2004), which was a result of collaboration with Peter Macsovszký.  Her works were published in the Czech anthology Evropský fejeton (European Feuilleton, 2004) and in the anthology Sex po slovensky (Sex in a Slovak Way, Ikar 2004). After publishing fifteen titles by 2019, she also made her debut as a children's literature author with the book Ňuňo (Slovart 2019). In her latest work titled Úzkosť (Anxiety, Slovart 2022), she reflects on various roles she embodies as a woman through the narration of the main character — she is a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and writer. While she identifies with these roles outwardly, there are also moments when she feels that some of them exceed her limits.