Arnošt Goldflam: You city of my dreams
 – Czechia

Born in 1946 in Brno, he did not complete his medical studies, but went through a series of manual jobs before graduating in drama directing at the JAMU in Brno. He is involved in theater and film acting, directing work, and writes short stories, fairy tales, and dramatic texts. He also collaborates with television and radio. He has published over thirty books, most recently Praha strašidelná (Prague Haunted, 2022), and for this year he has been preparing another "brunensia", a prose titled Brno, ty město mých snů (Brno, You City of My Dreams, 2022). When asked: "Do you have a favorite Jewish anecdote?" he answers: "A wealthy banker descends a wide flight of stairs, under which a beggar is kneeling. As the banker passes him, the beggar stretches out his hand and begs for alms: 'Please, I haven't had anything in my mouth for several days.' To this, the wealthy banker replies: 'Sir, one must force himself!'"