Alena Brindová: A Rare Circumstance of Being
 – Slovakia

Born in 1992 in Košice, she graduated in mass media studies and literary science. She writes poetry, essays, works for radio, translates film subtitles, reviews books and films, and creates art. In 2022, her poetic debut titled Horolezci (Mountaineers) was published by the OZ FACE publishing house. In her work, the poetess expresses the precious circumstance of existence, belonging somewhere. She perceives herself as a part of a vast and diverse world in which she feels exactly where she belongs. She acknowledges and values her family background, which anchors her in space and time. Her identity is also linked to the history and reality of the world of women, which she accepts not only as her right, but also as a privilege. She is nominated for the Zlatá vlna 2023 poetry prize.