Petra Hůlová: The world at a precipice
– Czechia

Born in 1979 in Prague, Petra Hůlová studied Mongolian studies and culturology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. She wrote ten novels. Her first book titled Paměť mojí babičce (All This Belongs to Me) was published 17 years ago while her latest novel, Zlodějka mýho táty (Daddy Thief), appeared on the bookshelves just a couple of weeks ago. The blurb says: “Mike hates joint custody, his new siblings and mobile days with his stepmother whom he blames for stealing his dad from him and his brothers. [...] One cannot read the book and not ask where our right to something begin and where it ends, as well as what burden of relationships we can bear. Petra Hůlová’s literary mastery is on display again. In her world at a precipice, she keeps asking increasingly more uncomfortable questions and she surely isn’t offering any simple answers.”